What we are About

Teknik was created to provide our users free services that they can trust. All of our services are treated with the utmost care to provide you with the best experience possible, and the best security with your data that we can give.

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What can you do with Teknik?

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Git Repositories Unlimited Public & Private Repos Unlimited Public & Private Repos
Personal Blog
Vault and Paste Editing
View and Delete Previous Content:
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  • Uploads
  • Shortened URLs
  • Vaults
File Uploads
Max Upload Filesize 2 GB 500 MB 1 GB
Max Embedded Filesize Unlimited 50 MB 50 MB
Upload Storage 50 GB 10 GB No Limit
Upload Expiration Never Never 24 Hours
Url Shortening
Vault Creation
Technical Podcasts
Mumble Server
IRC Server
Service API **

* The account will not get deleted for inactivity as defined in the ToS
** Passing user credentials allows linking for Uploads/Pastes/Shortened URLs and other account specific features

Want to help?

Teknik's source code can be located on our Git Repository as well as all our internal tools and projects.

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